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Our company hails from an event management background, which has seen us host thousands and thousands of Aussies across the USA. We know exactly what Aussies and Kiwi's want out of their American Sporting events!

  • Our team is based in Melbourne, with offices in Auckland and the United States. We are a local phone call, in your time zone, to chat about your sporting experience. We know some of these events are a big ticket purchase, and we often have multiple phone calls with our clients before they book. You don't need to worry about a random 5am phone call to speak with an unknown American company when you work with us!

  • For our Super Bowl programs, not only do you get to know us during the booking process, but our team from Australia travel onsite. Whatever need you have across the weekend, we are your 24/7 concierge. Over the years we have helped people who have lost their passports, missed their flights, slept in, last minute party bookings, you name it, our team has done it. Our service doesn't stop once you book, we are committed to making your Super Bowl experience a once-in-a-lifetime event! Oh, and we are happy to have a beer with you each night!

  • All of our pricing, for any of our experiences, is fully-inclusive of all taxes and fees. This is an important piece! Online when looking at other sites, make sure you go through the "check out" process as many sites can add up to $1000 in fees to their advertised prices. You'll never be left having to calculate sneaky Service Fees per ticket when you purchase with us.

Three of our team members in Minneapolis, ready to hand out our Super Bowl tickets to guests

Three of our team members in Minneapolis, ready to hand out our Super Bowl tickets to guests



Herald Sun Journalist, Jon Ralph (traveled with IE Sports to Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII)

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